The e-Harmony Date That Became My Forever!❤️ pt.1

I had an e-harmony account for a few years, but I had turned off my “paying” membership because, at the time, I was attending college in TN.  I didn’t want to move to TN forever.

So, I graduated and moved home to MD for a few months to save up money.  My older sister suggested, “you should do the free trial e-harmony thing!” I had forgotten that I still had a dormant account but just wasn’t sure I wanted to do it again.  Who wants to meet your husband online??? That’s not romantic…

Or so I thought…

So, she convinced me, and I tapped back in to my account.  Because I wasn’t paying, I couldn’t see people’s pictures.  I started the “free trial.”  Two days later, I get a message from this 26 year old guy named Tom.  He was a high school music teacher and lived an hour away from me (that’s all I was allowed to see of his profile).

Wow! He’s a music person…I’m a music person!  I wondered what he looked like.  We started communicating through the free trial (which really only was like multiple choice questions – they don’t tell you that part🤔).  We got all the way up to the actual “communicating” part which is where you can send private messages back and forth, but to do that, you have to pay for it…yeah, e-harmony, not quite “free”😒

Anyways…I was willing to pay to get to know him more, but I needed to know what he looked like first because let’s face it…ya gotta be attracted to the person! LoL 😉  I had some clues to try and find him online.

I knew: – The county he lived

– He was a high school music teacher

– His name is Tom.

I went on a hunt.  I googled every high school in that county (which was like 20 or so), and I went to every school website to try and find a Tom, high school music teacher.  The very last one I tried…there he was! Oh, he was so cute! 😊 Blond hair, big smile, confident looking.  And there was his full name!  So, I found him on Facebook, but his account was private.

I needed to go on a date with this man…😊

Part 2 coming soon!

A Great Devotional When You’re on the Run!


Now, I know that may sound bad – “on the run” devotional.  We should always try to make time to spend with the Lord without being rushed.

But…sometimes, it happens and we are being rushed out the door in 15-20 min, but we still want to be encouraged and edified from God’s Word.  When this happens to me, I grab my Our Daily Bread booklet.  (I also use it when I’m not on the run as well!😄)

I love this devotional booklet for a number of reasons:

  1.  It’s small enough that I can grab it and put it into my purse if I’m really on the run! 🏃🏼💨
  2. It has encouraging real stories and testimonies of God’s faithfulness!🙌🏻
  3. It has a key Bible verse about what the devotional is about as well as a passage of scripture that you can look up and read in reference to the devotion (which is my favorite part:). I love that they give you more than just one verse to study.
  4. It’s free!!!! You can go to their website and request it by mail, or you can get the app on your iPhone.  You can also just go to their website and read the devotional there!👍🏻

The people who put this devotional together are just amazing, and I have been blessed and encouraged so many times!  I hope you will be too!

Here is the link to their website:



Seek First

Social media is awesome, and I’m so blessed to have it, but it is something that can pull me away from seeking God quicker than anything.  (Just being honest)

I see famous people and all the glamorous luxuries they have, and all of a sudden, I begin to start coveting their lives.  And in doing so, I find myself searching out tactics to get myself noticed…

I wonder how I can get more likes on Instagram or vine.  I start to obsess over HOW I CAN BE NOTICED.  😜😜😜. And the more I obsess over it, the yuckier and more empty I feel inside…and then I realize….

I’m seeking self. 😞

The Bible says, “But seek FIRST the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” ~ Matthew 6:33

In this day and age, the word SELF is everywhere.  It’s even in one of the newest words in the dictionary, “selfie.”

Dear Lord, I don’t want to be consumed by feeding my selfish carnal nature because it will never ever fill me with the love that you give.  It will never satisfy the way you do. Forgive me for seeking my self instead of seeking you first.  In Jesus name, amen.

Once I realized, I prayed and repented, and God filled me with his beautiful peace and filled my heart with his indescribable love.❤️  I felt light and happy.  I wasn’t struggling to get noticed because He had already noticed me before the foundation of the world.  And he sees me right now!…and he sees you, too! 😄

Hope this blesses and encourages someone today! 💕

Selfies and Brow Lines…A Strange Trend Now


I’ve been guilty of it! 😕😬

Yes, I have taken that selfie that makes my eyebrows scrunch up, leaving three brow lines etched across my miniture self portrait.  Trouble is, when I first started taking selfies, I never noticed that I was doing it because I was trying to imitate the (big-eyed), “in the moment” faces that everybody seemed to be doing.

THEN…one day I looked in the mirror and realized that my brow lines were getting more and more distinct…

Some time later, as I was taking a selfie, I noticed these lines in my picture.  What was I doing to my face??? I looked back at all my selfies prior to this one and realized that they almost ALL included those three very distinct brow lines.🙁

I looked threw my sisters’ pictures and realized that they, too had these lines in their selfies.  Then, I started looking at selfies of random people on Instagram and Facebook and realized that THIS has become our picture culture.

…We bulge our eye balls and pout our lips and scrunch our faces up, and I don’t think that half of us even realize that it’s making us look older than we really are.

Oh the strange trends that we do…😑


A Napkin on my Windshield

imageI am now the wife of a university professor, and a few days ago was his first day teaching classes.  I was so proud of him!, so I went in to see him (well…I actually went in to take him lunch cuz he missed it:), but seeing him was worth the drive:)

So, I pull into a parking spot on campus, and to my left is a silver vehicle with a guy sitting in it.  I grab my things and head toward my husband’s building.  After dropping off his lunch, I head back to my car.  I drive home.

Wait!…what is that on my windshield?? It looks like a folded napkin.  Why is there a napkin on my windshield?

I get home but forgot about the napkin because my memory is horrible, and I was only concerned about my groceries.  Later, before my husband and I went out on a dinner date, I remembered the napkin.  I pulled it out of my windshield and smiled as I read it.  Then I laughed and read it to my husband (which is the picture displayed above).  Made me feel a bit younger today thanks to this napkin.  LoL

However, I think my husband is gonna ask every Josh he meets what kinda car he drives! Haha! ☺️

Have a great Sunday!

Cheap Places to Buy Honey

Honey is expensive (at least in my opinion), so I’ve been on the look out to find where I can get it cheap!

Ollies – There are so many different hair/body/food products you can get for crazy cheap here!  I got mine for $2.99.

Big Lots – I don’t think I’ve ever been in this store until I moved to Nashville and my husband suggested we go in.  LOTS of food items marked way down! Honey is one of them, AND you can actually get a good size, (organic) bottle of agave if that is what you’re into (which I am!) ☺️

BB’s Grocery Outlet – Now I know this is a localized store but I had to include it.  If you are ever in south central PA or MD, drop into BB’s!! It will blow your mind! It’s a huge warehouse with all kinds of discounted items from bath to food to vitamins.  And there is a huge freezer/fridgerator with large portions or cheeses and meats, etc.  Go see it!! Here is the link to their webpage with addresses.




Word of Encouragement

The days that I have succeeded most in the tasks ahead of me and had the most amazing breakthroughs with my students were those days when I bowed my head and earnestly sought the Lord EARLY and asked for his help, strength and wisdom for that day.  Those days stick out in my mind so vividly because of how the Lord helped me succeed beyond what my days usually are, and I confess that I often fail to begin my days with earnest prayer.  I need God’s help more than ever, and I am constantly striving to be more disciplined in coming early in my day to the throne of my Savior for his help.  My daily loads would be so much lighter if I just made it the MOST important priority of my mornings.  And Jesus even tells us, “Come unto me and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you. For my yoke is easy to bear and my burden is light.” ~ Matthew 11:28-30

God is so willing to carry our daily loads and help us along the way.  Be encouraged to start your day seeking Him! 🙂